About me

33 year old Finnish–Swedish (born and raised in Vasa, Finland) girl, currently living in Andorra. If you´re not aware of where Andorra is, don’t worry neither did I before moving here. Andorra is a small and adorable country between Spain and France, and I love it here.

I´m a co-founder and co-owner of Epicorns online marketing company, and I have a huge love for traveling, interior, good food, family, friends, languages and my company (meaning work). Currently I would say I´m living my life to the fullest, and that´s basically also what I want to blog about, my everyday life here in the middle of the mountains in Andorra.

I love to travel, and we´re travelling a lot with my better half (a truly funny and lovely Spanish guy from Barcelona), so there will for sure be many travel updates also, both work – related, and non work-related.

So, for this short introduction being said – welcome to my everyday life!