Since travelling is kind of difficult at the moment I have decided to enjoy and explore Andorra as much as possible. Andorra is a really beautiful country, and I love hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. There is also plenty of really cool experiences you can enjoy that I had never done, so I started checking for the options. During the last 3 weeks we have done 3 really nice “Being like a tourist in Andorra” days, and I will here below explain a bit about each one of them.

Staying overnight in a mountain hut with friends

There is a company in Andorra called Epic Andorra that organizes plenty of different experiences and this is one of them. The last one is also organized by them. Not only do I love the name of the company (since my company´s name also comes from the word Epic – Epicorns), but I have to say that they really surprised me with how nicely and professional everything was organized.

We stayed 1 night in a cute little mountain hut in the middle of the mountains with two of our good friends. There´s not really much to do but we had such a great time, eating good food, drinking wine and playing table games next to the fireplace. Everything was included, food, drinks and the next day you even have a professional mountain guide to take you for a beautiful hiking route with snowshoes.

Here are some memories from that night & day.


Staying at Andorra’s most exclusive hotel

I am actually not at all, that type of person that goes to 5-star hotels, I think they are way overpriced for what you get. But since this specific hotel, called Hermitage, is the most exclusive and luxurious hotel in the country, and there´s basically no tourists now, I thought to give it a try. It was kind of a valentine’s day present. I must say it was really nice, but, was it worth the price…. I am not sure I can say yes here but I mean if you have plenty of money you should definitely go for it. The service was excellent and the hotel is very top-notch.

The hotel is in front of the ski slopes and it has a gondola lift going up to the slopes directly from inside of the hotel, which is kinda cool. It also has a huge spa, which is very enjoyable. Inside the hotel there is 2 different Michelin recommended restaurants, with famous chefs that both has Michelin stars. We had dinner at one of them: Koy which is a Japanese high-class restaurant. Very nice restaurant and I will definitely be back to this one.

Some photos from this luxurious day:


This was our balcony and views from the room.



Having an massage with these views was spectacular.



Both the day before and after we of course spend in the slopes, one of our friends also joined us. One of the days we had such an awesome weather so we could even have lunch outside in the sun.



An literally EPIC experience with Epic Andorra

This is something I really recommend doing if you come to Andorra! I cannot understand how it took me 5 years to do this hahah.

So, the idea is that you sleep in a bubble “under the stars” in the middle of the slopes. They bring you up to the place with a ratrak which already was pretty funny.

We stayed there with two of our good friends and we had so much fun. It is initially probably meant for couples since there is just one bed with “the views”. Upstairs there are 2 more beds that maybe was thought to be for kids. But I mean, being there just as a couple might be quite boring, instead with friends I would say you enjoy way more the bubble.

Same here as for the mountain hut, everything was included: snacks, dinner, wine, breakfast and a professional mountain guide for the next day snowshoe excursion.

The photos do not show how cool it actually was inside but you can use a bit of imagination.


We were very lucky since there was literally no clouds so you could see all the stars.



Waking up like this was incredible, I mean imagine waking up in the middle of the slopes! If we would have went skiing, we could have just put on our skis and started skiing.


I wanted to add this last photo since it is kinda weird. The day before, we were skiing and few weeks back we had this sand coming in from Sahara to Andorra and all the slopes turned brown. In this photo you see it a bit in the mountains in the back, but it was really extreme!



If you´re planning a trip to Andorra, don´t hesitate to contact me to be your professional Andorra-guide haha. I still have endless amount of places, restaurants and experiences to try, but I would say these ones have been a really good start!

Since I started the blogpost telling that the travelling is kind of difficult now I will end the blogpost by telling basically the opposite…. I have actually started to plan a trip to Mexico, if the restrictions do not change we might be heading for some sun and margaritas in the end of March!



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