It is already almost over 3 weeks since we came back to Andorra. But I have been so busy catching up with all friends, and also with work, that I have had no time for my blog.

While I am really enjoying the cozy Christmas vibe that they have achieved thanks to all the awesome Christmas decorations and lights here in Andorra…. I still miss the beach… the sun… and the heat. So, let´s go back to Portugal for a while in this blogpost!

In Armação de Pêra, we decided to lengthen our stay a bit more (I mean – why not?). Though, the house we had rented was very big and not necessary for just 2 ppl (since our friend had already headed back to Barcelona). I checked for other options and ended up renting an apartment in a small fisherman’s village called: Ferragudo. I loved it there. It was a small apartment, but we had the most awesome views from the balcony towards a castle and a marina. The town and beaches next to was for me the perfect place to spend another 2 weeks in Portugal.

Here are some pictures from the apartment, the town and the beaches next to.


To begin with, I mean just look at the views from our apartment, I loved spending time on the balcony, just watching the sea and the sunsets.


The Ferragudo village was very small, but I really liked the place.



This was the beach we had in front of the apartment, literally just a 1 min. walk.



In addition to working (actually quite a lot) we spend most of our free time obviously on the beach – in the middle / end of november!!



We visited as well plenty of other small towns nearby Ferragudo.


Carvoeiro was another of my favorite towns in Algarve, very small but so incredibly cute and cozy. Definitely worth a visit if you are spending few days in Algarve.



Faro is Algarve’s administrative capital. We spend one afternoon there, and to be honest it did not really impress me that much. Algarve has so many places that I would recommend before Faro. But since we spend so many weeks in the South of Portugal, we had plenty of time to visit the whole coast.



Vilamoura was probably one of the cleanest towns in Algarve. It has a big port filled with luxurious boats and hotels.



Albufeira is one of the biggest towns in Algarve, and I can imagine this place being completely packed during the hot summer months. Fortunately, it was out of the season, and we were more or less the only ones strolling around the streets this day.


Cliff exploring

What impressed me the most in Algarve was all the incredible cliffs. I could spend hours just walking around on the cliffs and listening to the sea.


There was especially this one place that impressed me, it is called: Algar Seco. It is like a small cave with two natural widows, it was so cool to watch the sunset from inside the cave.


Culinary experiences

The most exclusive restaurant we went to was Vila Joya, which is a 2-star Michelin restaurant nearby Albufeira. It is also an luxury boutique hotel. It was a nice restaurant, with sea views. BUT was it worth the price we paid…. Here I have to say that no.

Vila Joya


Bon Bon

Instead of Vila Joya I would definitely recommend Bon Bon! It is a 1-star michelin restaurant, that in my opinion offers a better service and as well better value for money. The owner was incredibly nice, and even allowed us to bring Mamba to the restaurant. We had such a good time at the restaurant that we even spend the whole day together with the owner.


Loki Restaurant

Loki is a small restaurant in Portimão, owned by a really kind guy called João. He will treat you like family, that is probably also one of the reasons I highly recommend this place. The restaurant was closed – just for us, I mean how cool is that, a restaurant just for you! The food was tasty and price for a 11-course dinner was only 57€, which I think is a very fair price for 11 elaborated plates. Funny fact: You don´t know what you will eat beforehand though, he creates the menu from scratch daily to be able to offer the freshest and the best quality ingredients.


Club Nau

I also want to mention the restaurant that was in front of our apartment in Ferragudo – Club Nau, a nice beach lounge / restaurant. It is not maybe the tastiest food experience, but I mean check out how beautiful the setup of the dishes were! The truth was that they looked better than they tasted though.


Goodbye Algarve – I will definitely be back!

With these last memories I want to thanks Algarve for these incredible 2 months that we spend there.


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