Summer 2021 has basically been non-stop travelling from my part. That´s why I haven´t uploaded much to the blog neither, I just haven’t had time for it.

After the surprise trip to Finland, I was back in Spain and Andorra for a while, but there was already an upcoming tip, and not whichever trip. My good friends were going to get married… or actually, due to covid, they had already got married and postponed the actual wedding party 3 times – BUT FINALLY, the date was set, and it was going to happen!

The wedding was in Poland, in the city: Białystok., since my friend (the wife) is Polish. Interesting part is that I have already been in the exact same city, for another wedding few years ago…. Kind of funny, who gets invited to a wedding in Poland, in the same city, 2 times???

The initial plan was to go together with my boyfriend of course, but we were invited to another wedding of a very good friend of him, on the same date….. what are the chances? So, we decided to split – I went to Poland, and he went to his friend’s wedding in Spain.

I still had some awesome company during the trip, one of my very good friends from Andorra. We had so much fun together and the wedding was just incredible.


Quick 1-night stop in Warsaw

We drove down to Barcelona and took the flight from Barcelona to Warsaw. The first night we stayed in a 5-star hotel in the center (new part) with an awesome spa.



I booked a room with these cool views of Warsaw. The photos and the colours might seem a bit weird since they are taken through the windows.



And the SPA in this hotel had the most epic views of the city (it´s the Intercontinental Warsaw IHG hotel).



2 days wedding celebration in Białystok

After relaxing for 1 night in Warsaw, we woke up early the next day to take a train to Białystok. Where the wedding was set for the next day.

When we arrived, I had the most horrible taxi experience I have ever had in my whole F-king life. The guy did not speak English, but I mean, no need, there is google translator, google maps and whatever apps to help you out. But he certainly did not want to listen to a blond young girl telling him where to go and what to do….. And I mean, I travel a lot, and I have never had any problems with communications although the person does not speak English….. Anyways – we managed to arrive to the place where the wedding was going to be, after some serious stressful and anxious moments.

The place was absolutely beautiful, so peaceful and calm. It’s a hotel that also does events like weddings, so we had some drinks together with the people from the wedding, also some vodka shots, before heading to sleep and getting ready for the big day.

The day of the wedding, we woke up early and got ready to parteyyyy. Here are some of my favorite photos from throughout the day.



If you have never been to a wedding in Poland, you definitely should try to get invited to one. But be prepared to drink vodka….. a looooot of vodka.

Actually – the only available alcohol in the traditional Polish weddings – is exactly vodka. As you can see on the tables, just vodka and juices…. Another quite interesting part of the Polish weddings is the food and the way of eating at the weddings. There´s endless amount of food, and it just keeps coming, the second you think “it´s impossible that they bring more food” – BOOM and you have a whole steak in front of you. Not only that, the sweets are available during the whole time, so if you feel to eat a bit of cake or other sweets to begin with instead of salty food, or inbetween some plates, it´s totally normal to do that.

I´m a big fan of Polish weddings, it´s like a party without any rules, and surprises all the time haha.



The next day, there was no time for sleeping since they organized a second party / barbecue. The weather was awesome, as well as the food and company.



And this is how the 2-day wedding-celebration ended up. Quite accurate photo to sum up a Polish wedding.



Spending few days in Warsaw

After the beautiful wedding, it was time to head back to Warsaw. And since we had few extra days before our flight back, we spend them in the old town of Warsaw. I booked this cute apartment in the old town´s square, with views to the square. It was very cheap and I can highly recommend this place if you want to stay in the old town, it´s called “Old Town Home” on



We were very lucky with the weather since it was perfect for walking around in the city and old town. In addition to just strolling around on the streets and enjoying the weather we also went on a boat tour that they do in the big river. Here are some sunny pictures from Warsaw.



Why not try vodka pairing instead of wine pairing?

One day when I was checking restaurants I found this place next to the old town where instead of having wine pairing for your food, they do vodka pairing….. And I mean, I just had to try that. Would I do it again? Probably not, but it was a fun experience. So, they serve you a specific vodka that fits with the tasting menu and each plate. I don´t remember (weird right??) how many different vodkas we tried, but there was quite a few. The restaurant is: elixir by Dom Wódki (Michelin recommended) if you want to give it a try.



Another restaurant I would like to recommend is U Fukiera, it´s in the square in the old town. Last time I was in Warsaw I also went there. It´s quite “touristic”, I have to say that. But the service and food are really good, above the normal prices though. They also have one of the cutest bathrooms I´ve ever seen, I could visit this restaurant just for that hahaha.



After this trip it took me some days to recover after all that vodka….. But there was basically no time for recovery, since the day after I came back to Barcelona I had a flight to Lanzarote. More about that trip in my next blogpost!

Now I need to study a bit. It´s kind of a long story but I´ll try tomake it short.

I am studying for the driver´s license…. In Catalan… Yupp.

I have had my driver´s license since I was 18, so for 15 years, and I have even been living in Cyprus where they drive on the left side. But here in Andorra you must swap your driver´s license to the Andorran one within one year since you moved here. Well, when I moved here and went to swap mine, apparently there was a guy from Andorra living in Finland and they did not swap his license, so Andorra decided that they do not swap mine neither- happy days.

This means – that I must do all the driver´s license from the beginning (theory and road test), and if you´ve been living for more than one year here – you must do it in Catalan since it´s the official language. And for you who think that Spanish and Catalan are the same, they´re not. I do understand Catalan and also speak a bit, but it´s definitely not my strong language.

I´ve been driving with my Finnish driver´s license since I moved here, but it´s kind of not allowed, you need to have the Andorran one. Reason is that I just couldn´t have been bothered to do the f-king license again in another language. But I have now finally decided that all right let´s do this – let´s do the driver´s license in Catalan. So there´s some studying to do before I´m ready for the theory test…..

Hope you all have a great week – and wish me luck for the driver´s license, I might need it hahahaha.


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