If you follow me on Instagram, and especially my Instagram stories, you might be very well aware of that my mom was visiting us for 2 weeks. She left back to Finland on Monday and I miss her so much already. We´re very much like each other, and we both love good food and good wine, so you can just imagine what I have been up to the last 2 weeks hahahah.

We started off the “vacations” by spending few days in Sitges. The lovely beach town that both me and my mom love, that is next to Barcelona. The plan was actually to stay few days in Barcelona as well, but my god it was so hot that we just decided to leave directly from Sitges up to the mountains (Andorra). I mean, the weather here in Andorra is hot as well, but not as humid as in Barcelona. It´s like a nice hot weather you know….  Not this f*ck I´m all sweaty again……

Here is some of my favourite photos from these lovely 2 weeks that we spend together. Mostly the photos are me and my mom eating good food, drinking wine and just being happy in general.

Sitges for few days

We had rented a small apartment with a balcony and sea views in the first line. Obviously, I forgot to take pictures from there, but it was perfect for what we wanted. Meaning few days next to the beach just enjoying the town and waking up to the sound of sea breeze.

Visiting the wine cellar Codorníu

While we were in Sitges, I had planned a surprise for my mom. I drove her in the morning one day to the Codorníu wine cellar, which is just 20 min drive from Sitges. She had no idea, and she loved it. To be honest it was for me as well one of the best wine cellars that I have visited, although I have visited quite a few. The funniest part was obviously taking a train through a small part of the underground tunnels that they have. They have in total 30 km of underground tunnels….. 30 km!!! Anyways – Highly recommended wine cellar to visit!

Quality time in Andorra

After sweating like pigs for few days in Sitges, we drove up to the mountains in Andorra. I like the beach, but I think I have become a mountain person after living in Andorra for over 3 years. The air is soooo fresh – and not humid.

The highlight of the days my mom spend in Andorra was Borda del Pi. Which is a mountain house, high up in the mountains. It’s a small hotel but also a restaurant and we had booked a barbecue for one day. I mean just look at the views and the place. I have been there one time before, but this place will never stop impressing me.

We also drove up to the French border one day. We usually never go there. I guess you see why on the picture haha. The weather is usually very shit up there (Pas de la casa is the name of the town), and in general I don’t really like it. Its full of French tourists (no offense to French people – I mean I have many French friends…. But you know what I mean)

Since we have an awesome balcony here in the centre of Andorra La Vella with awesome views, we spend quite a lot of time there. Including having a brunch and several tapas nights.

Other than that, we ate at several of the best restaurants in Andorra. And I would say that there is nothing that makes me happier, than seeing my mom happy. And what makes both me and my mom happy – good food and wine hahahaha.

I enjoyed so much these 2 weeks. But it’s so true, when you have fun, the time passes by way too fast. Looking forward already to her next visit!!!

This week I have been working like a maniac, over 12 hours a day….. It felt like going back to the beginning when we set up the company haha. Now we´re staying in Andorra until the end of August – becauseeeee I rented a house on the beach near Barcelona for 2 weeks in September. Including a swimming pool and a waterslide! That´s not all vacation though, it will be a mix of work & leisure.

It was quite a long blogpost, but I guess I just miss my mom so writing about her makes me feel better.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!




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