Happy new year to ya´all!

I wanted to make a blogpost about the highlights from all the awesome trips we did last year, but I have been a bit busy, but better late than never!

I actually visited Finland here in-between, for a hen party of one of my very close friends, but now I am already back in Andorra. At least for a few days haha.

Anyways, here are some of the best memories and moments from year 2017:


Beginning of the year

All the awesome days in the slopes that we had in Andorra, before I managed to break my arm. I wouldn´t say that breaking the arm is one of the highlights, but worth mentioning anyways haha.



The last weekends in the beach house (Torredembarra) that Jammus family had (they have now sold it).



My birthday that we celebrated in a winery, with Alpacas and a proper sauna = priceless!



Excalibur race in Andorra.




The huge 1 month long road trip that we did in USA, including Route66, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Washington DC and New York.


One of my best trips ever: Iceland.



Conference in Romania (Bucharest and later we made a road trip to Brasov).



My mom came over here (Andorra + Barcelona + Sitges) for a couple of weeks.



Our company had a very good year, so we decided to hire a new epic unicorn to our Epicorns team.



SIGMA conference in Malta.


During the whole year

Also, I or we, had so many friends visiting us last year, and I am so grateful for that.

This year has been so great, and I am super excited to get 2018 started! I mean I have already been to Finland, and tomorrow we are going for a surprise trip that I bought as a Christmas present for Jammu. Is there any better way to start a new year, than by travelling? I don’t think so!




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