I should probably change the name of the blog to Nina´s month instead of Nina´s day based on how often I usually write haha.

Instead of being in Japan skiing, hiking and eating awesome food for 3 weeks….. I have spent the last month in quarantine…. Yea I was pretty sad I had to cancel that trip. I also have 2 more trips upcoming during the next months…. Or should I say down coming maybe??

Facts about the covid-19 situation in Andorra

It has been 34 loooooong days already since the quarantine total lockdown started here in Andorra. So, since many of my friends and family have been asking about the situation here, I will make a short re-cap. All in all, Andorra is a small country of just around 70 000 people, so the measures made here are easier and faster than in most of the other countries.

Currently, meaning 16.4.2020, Andorra as a country has:

  • 682 total cases (177 cured, 33 deceased)
  • 472 active cases (61 health professionals). 43 hospitalized (17 in the ICU, 14 with mechanical ventilation, 4 extubated and in recovery)

And today, was the first day that you were allowed to go outside. During the last 34 days you have just been allowed to go to the shop, pharmacy and to take out the dog, but next to your home. My friends in Finland have been telling me “But you can go hiking or running” …. Nope def. not. We have been closed inside our homes for the last 34 days.

Now we are allowed to go outside for 1 hour / day, every 2 days

From today and onwards you can leave your house, but you have to choose in what time slot and for which activity (1 single outing per day, the days allowed). By saying the days allowed – Those who live in a building with an even number are to go out on even numbered days. Those who live in a building with an odd number, are to go out on odd number days of the month.

We live in number 10, and today is an even numbered day (16) so we are allowed to go out for max 1 hour and by following these rules:

  • You have to wear a face mask
  • Keep 4m. of distance to everyone
  • Max 2 km from your own house
  • And basically, I can choose to go out for a walk, or go shopping in the morning between 6-11, and or the evening between 14-21

But, just 1 time / day, and max 1 hour.

They are also talking about testing the whole population. I think they have already started with some people, but I am not 100% sure about this.

That´s basically all I know at the moment. To be honest I prefer to not listen / watch too much news about this situation…. I follow the rules and regulations, I mean I even buy all the food online just to not go out unless necessary. I would probably go crazy watching news and read about different conspiracy theories every day.

Knowing myself, the less I know, the better. Like this I am able to focus on my work and training. I mean, at the end, there is nothing I can do to change anything anyways…..

Quarantine = work, training, cooking and being slightly bored

I spend my days mostly working. I am very fortunate to be able to continue working like normal, regardless of this extreme and weird situation. I do though, try to have as a routine to do some training in the mornings, and also, some days I even practice yoga in the afternoons.

When I am bored and get a bit anxious, I drink some good wine and try to do some challenges or funny videos to keep myself entertained. Oh – and I have also increased my cooking skills quite nicely during these 4 weeks!

Here are some pictures, and videos from my quarantine life here up in the mountains.

Take care of yourselves – and lets hope that all this will be over soon!


This is me when I´m bored, checking all the possible challenges I can do. So here you have the #pillowchallenge


And one day I pimped our toilet.



Another day I made a slot machine out of toilet rolls.



Tried to be a DJ on a saturday.



I heard that one of the neighbours kid had birthday… and they did not have balloons, so I filled up a bunch of balloons with helium that we had in the storage, and left them in front of the door. I found a wine bottle the next day in front of ours…. I would call that as a good quarantine exchange!



When I am not bored or working, I actually try to NOT get fat, instead of getting fit.



When I get even more bored, I take out my boredom on Mamba… The following pictures are all actually videos, I just took some screenshots so you get an idea. The videos are in the end of the blogpost.



Mamba is getting a bit fat, so a bit of training is never a bad idea.



I even brought her to a rollercoaster and theme park one day!



She is also following the new regulations!



I still think that she loves me though. I just need to add this picture as well. I mean, you know that ONE DAY that you put (a bit) makeup on during quarantine hahahah.



Since we have not been allowed to go out. Every time that the sun is out, I try to train on the balcony, or sometimes just chill and suntan. Vitamin D is very important while being in quarantine… and did you know: The Sun Is Your Best Source of Vitamin D.



Just to show off a bit, I need o add some pictures as well of my awesome new cooking skills. I mean look at this tuna tartar, turbot and lime chicken!! I know someone now probably thinks “but you don´t even need to cook for those dishes”…. For me this is a step forward, and I am learning, so just spend your negative thoughts on something else instead.



This was today, happy and ready to go out for a slightly longer walk finally.



Here are also some pictures from our street and surroundings few weeks ago… We live in the plain city center, and our streets are always packed with people… It has been very weird and spooky 4 weeks of quarantine.



Last but not least, I would say all these videos sums up pretty well how I´m dealing with the quarantine so far











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