The weather in Andorra, since the quarantine lockdown ended, has been pretty much, a complete disappointment and disaster. Raining, thunderstorms, storms, hail, basically whatever you can imagine, except of course, the very much needed: sun.

My solution to the depressing weather, was to rent a house in south of France, in a small town called Béziers. So, we took the car, and our dogs (our friend + neighbor also joined us) and drove down to Béziers last Monday. From Andorra it took us around 3,5 hours, which was easily something I would do for 30 degrees and sun hahaha.

The town: Béziers

The town, Béziers, was small but very cute, with small streets filled with nice restaurants and bars. There is as well a big cathedral that you have some pretty nice views of from the old town bridge.


Our mansion for the week

The house was huge, I mean enormous, in the middle of the town. I really could not have found a better option. With a garden, or better said: A jungle, of 2900 square meters… It was also equipped with a small swimming pool, which we got to enjoy during the hot summer days.

We came back yesterday, since today we have a costume party, and I mean I LOVE costume parties, so I would definitely not miss this one hahaha.

Although many of my planned trips has got cancelled due to the virus (currently I should be hiking in Georgia), I am happy since we already have some nice trips coming up with friends and family. I am sure this summer will be awesome!

Hope you all have a great (and sunny) Sunday!


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