While we were in India, and especially in the town where our office is, I thought (months ago of course), why not go for a trip somewhere with the whole team.

I asked our friend Mithu, what would be a nice place to visit, that is not too far. He goes “Bandipur is a very nice national park in the mountains quite nearby”…..

What happened, I would say that is the exact definition of a cultural clash: 7,5 hours travelling… is considered as “quite close”. WTF.

Anyways, we Europeans did not suffer from this trip up to the mountains. It was the total opposite. All our Indian friends had to stop puking basically every 5 minutes when we got a bit higher up.

We had reserved this big and very nice place in the middle of the National Park, and it was all for ourselves. Well, in addition to the at least 20 persons who were making the food etc. Yea, we were 12 in total, but the number of workers just for us were way more.

It was a trip for the weekend, so we stayed there for 2 nights. It was a very fun trip, but way too many hours of travelling, although it was “quite close”. I certainly don’t want to know what is considered as far away according to an Indian.

We did a lot of team building games & quizzes, in addition to a safari as well that we did in the National park. Although it is a tiger reserve, we did not unfortunately see any tigers… But we did get to see a lot of elephants, beautiful Bambi deers, wild boards, monkeys and dholes (Indian wild dogs / mountain wolfs).

Here are some of the 10000 pictures that we snapped during the weekend.

Waking up to these views was awesome. This was my room, there was also bigger huts where the guys were staying.


These photos are from the dining area and the chilling area.



In the nights they made us this cozy fireplace. Which was perfect to do some team building quizzes.



Epicorns team getting ready for Safari! I even managed to snap some photos of the animals.



We also took a lot, a loooooot, of team pictures together, here are the best ones.



Some other pictures I took on the way, while travelling the “quite short” trip.



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