Literally, I think my friend Joni saw almost all Barcelona yesterday since we were so effective haha.

We woke up at 8 and headed to Barcelona, we stopped on the way in a very mysterious monastery called Monserrat. I´ve been there several times before but I don´t mind taking my friends there again since it´s a very special place. Not because I´m religious or anything, it´s the surrounding weird mountains that I like.

Monserrat is situated about 40 min drive from Barcelona, in the middle of many very big penis- formed mountains. I call them the “Penis mountains”, because I mean, check them yourself and tell me they don´t look like penises hahaha.

After a quick visit in my favorite penis mountains we headed to the center of Barcelona where we visited Sagrada Familia, the beach avenue and of course a lot of cool restaurants and bars. I really love Barcelona, and every time we visit I feel like having another apartment there for longer weekend visits and to be closer to the beach. Let´s keep fingers crossed that our business goes well and that we can afford a spare apartment in Barcelona, or maybe in some beach town nearby.

This week has been very busy but I have enjoyed it a lot, Joni left back home to Finland yesterday so now it´s time to work so we one day can afford the apartment in Barcelona that I´m dreaming about!


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