I have been super busy these last two weeks and weekends, so I haven´t even had time to update the blog although I wanted to. But here´s a short recap of what we´ve been up to.

The previous weekend we headed down to Barcelona for a birthday celebration. It involved Paintball during the day, and in the night, we were surprised with a personal chef cooking a delicious dinner (7 – courses!!!)  at our friend’s place.  It was a quick visit but we had a lot of fun.

After coming back to Andorra on Sunday we were really excited to start the ski season with Jammu, since we knew they had opened the slopes on Saturday when we were in Barcelona. We of course went skiing as soon as we could the next week, and it was soooo nice! I Really missed skiing after last year’s early closing of the season, because I broke my arm.

This last weekend our friends came to visit from Barcelona, same awesome people that we did the Route66 with, and the same guy who had birthday the previous weekend. We´re currently planning a longer trip with them to Philippines next summer, it´s not 100% decided yet the destination, but we´re almost all of us voting for Philippines, especially El Nido & Palawan, so if anyone has some tips please let me know!

The photos are pretty random, sorry for that, I´m a bit bad still on keeping my camera with me all the time. But you can still spot some beautiful Christmas decorations and the cozy Christmas market in Andorra. We also managed to say hi to the reindeers and camels that they bring here every year for the Christmas parade. The Christmas decorations here in Andorra are super beautiful, so I´ll try to catch some more photos during this week to show you have cozy Andorra is during Christmas time.

Btw, my laptop decided to give up after serving me for 4 years today. On a Monday… of course, and on the same day that our washing machine also decided to empty all the water on our kitchen floor….. so yea, my Monday haven´t been the best one but I hope you all have had a better start on the week hahaha.


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