In Finland, we have this day and celebration called VAPPU, that is 1:st of May (today), it´s basically a celebration that the spring & summer is arriving (what a joke right, May in Finland… hahaha). Anyway, we didn´t stay in Andorra last weekend so I couldn´t set up a Vappu party, although it would have been fun.

Instead we drove down to Barcelona on Friday, and stayed in Barcelona for the weekend at our friend’s apartment. On Friday, there was a cool market called Palo Alto Market that we went to. It was a market with food trucks, music and some small stands with local designed stuff like clothes & interior stuff. The market itself was nice but the setup was a bit weird since the food trucks & the bars weren’t in the same place as the music was, so you basically had to choose: food & drinks or music… you can probably guess what we chose.

On Saturday, we were just walking around and enjoying Barcelona and on Sunday we met up with the family of Jaume for a Sunday martini & paella. If you are visiting Barcelona and you like Mexican food, I really recommend you to visit Costa Pacifico that we randomly ended up in on Saturday. The food is super tasty and the live kitchen & the chef gives you a unique food experience. We ended up tasting a lot of different plates since you can see all the plates made in front of you, so you obviously want to taste them all hahaha…

It was a very fun weekend all in all, where we had the chance to meet up with both friends and family.


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