It seems like I’m jumping from holidays to holidays based on my blog haha. But I do also work in-between – trust me!

Last week I spend on a boat with my friends during a whole week. Boating through a small part of Canal du Midi and Canal du Rhône, in south of France, basically next to the coast. The trip in general really surprised me, I mean it was awesome! Sooo next target from now – to buy a boat!

We had rented a quite big boat, for 6 people, and we actually fit quite good all of us there, it even had 2 toilets and 2 showers. You don´t need any special license or anything to be able to drive (or maybe you say sail??) the boat, since you are boating through a canal, and the boat does not accelerate more than 25 km / h. It was quite difficult to handle in it the beginning, especially parking since it was very big, but in the end, I would say we all could handle it pretty good. I preferred to have wine in the sun most of the time, instead of driving, but I did drive it sometimes as well.

I highly recommend this trip; it was so chill, and we stopped in so many beautiful small towns on the way. And not to mention the incredible food we were eating, literally…. Oysters, shrimps, mussels, sea snails and other shellfishes… all day long…. Every day…. Ahhhhh just take me back pls. haha.

We rented the boat from a company called Le Boat, and started the trip from Port Cassafieres, and sailed all the way to Aigues Mortes and back. In total it was one week, Friday – Friday and we did not feel stressed at any point, basically the opposite, just chilling around in the boat and cute little towns all days.

In Canal du Midi you can stop (moor) basically wherever, meaning staying overnight, but in Canal du Rhône you always have to stay overnight in the ports. So, we obviously tried both, staying overnight in the middle of nowhere with the most awesome sunset ever, but also staying overnight in the ports on the way.

Let’s start with some pictures from the boat so you can see how big (and cool) it actually was!

So, this was our boat!

And this is how it looked from inside:

Kitchen + professional chef ->

One of the bedrooms (there was 2 in total) ->

Aaand the livingroom + dining room ->

Or also known as “siesta room”

And here is some pictures of us driving the boat (even Mamba) – we look like real captains – don´t we ??:

And here are my favourite photos from the trip, hope you like them enough to put this trip on your bucket list!!

And yea, we had to drive through some pretty small tunels aswell, but we managed them like boss captains haha.

We even saw some flamingos on the way !!

Mood. This was me most of the time onboard of the boat – so i do definitely NOT take credit of all the driving haha.

This was the night we stopped in the middle of nowhere, and got to enjoy the most beautiful sunset.

Last but certainly not least – some pictures of the fooooood, gimme oystersssssss!!! We ate this, every day…..

And another thing that was very nice, was that we could take our dogs with us, and Mamba had the most awesome time ever. She really enjoyed both being in the boat but also strolling around in the towns. I mean, look at her relaxed face here (picture is from the first day, first hours even, and look how white i was haha)

Also, I made this super professional map for all of you who are interested in doing the same! Sorry i have google maps in Finnish, but you can see we are in France, right?? The towns we stopped in, and visited (also marked in the map) was:

  • Marseillan
  • Meze
  • Bouzigues
  • Frontignan
  • Palavas-Les-Flots
  • Carnon
  • Aigues Mortes (my absolute favourite)


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