Time to continue with our Colombia trip!

Next up was Bogotá, since the last (really this time, the last haha) farewell party of the wedding was to be hold in Andrés Carne de Res. Andrés Carne de Res is a very famous restaurant, bar & party place a bit outside of Bogotá. I will get to the party part later on in this blogpost.

To get to Bogotá from Palomino (Riohacha airport was the closest), we had to take a short flight, not even 2 hours. BUT the change of temperature & weather was veeeery brutal…. In Bogotá – prepare your long pants and jacket. Not just because the weather is colder, it is also a capital city on a height of 2 630 m above the sea. I mean, I was just chilling in my lovely hammock in a bikini although it was cloudy. It was like travelling back to Andorra haha. (Don´t take me wrong here, I love Andorra – just being a bit of sarcastic since we have had a quite long winter this year).

Bogotá is a very big city, and you can see it from the pictures I took from “above” the city. We were staying in a part called “La Candelaria” which was nice, it had plenty of small streets filled with cool street arts and restaurants. Still, it was a bit too cold for my taste, and I also managed to get a pretty bad flu while strolling around in the streets.

My tips if you visit Bogotá:


  • Take a day / morning to walk around the streets in Candelaria – and why not have a CANELAZO drink, to warm you up in the cold weather. Canelazo is a popular drink that they sell on the streets. It´s a bit like hot wine, but stronger since they use a lot of weird fruits and stronger alcohol. But worth trying, it for sure warmed me up with my flu.


  • Take the funicular (or walk up) to Monserrate – this is the awesome viewpoint to see Bogotá from above.

Plaza Bolívar

  • Visit Plaza Bolívar

Gold Museum

  • Visit the Gold Museum (IF you fancy golden things & museum… I could have passed this one though – but been there done that at least haha)

Andrés Carne de Res

  • Laaast but not least – get ready for a proper party in Andrés Carne de Res! The farewell party of the “Wedding of the decade” was in this very unique restaurant. And to get there, we went with a proper party bus, I mean I don’t think I have ever drunk that many shots in such a short time. This restaurant turns into a real carnival in the night, or, basically while you are eating haha. The atmosphere is like a festival or circus with tons of vibrant decor, cocktails, confetti, dances and even parades. Basically, all you can imagine. Highly recommended if you are a group of friends – for a date I would maybe not go there though.

That was it from Bogotá! But certainly not the last post from our trip – there is pleeeenty more to come! After recovering from the epic party for a couple of days, it was time to take a plane tooo…..

Eje Cafetero – The Colombian coffee Region, also known as the Coffee Triangle!!! My next blogpost will tell you more about that fascinating place!


  1. silmarys says:

    Amazing information, i’m happy to visit Colombia soon and possibly copy that photo you have in the Bolivar Square, xoxo❤️❤️

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