My friend Sanni, from Finland arrived yesterday, and the first “girls day” In Andorra has been awesome! We started the day today with a slightly exaggerated brunch on our balcony, meaning I had bought food for 10 people instead of just for two. After enjoying the sun, good food and tasty mimosa drinks for few hours on the balcony, we headed to Caldea, which is a famous spa in Andorra. It´s also the place where I go to the gym, so I´m actually allowed to enjoy this luxury every day, heh heh.

We spend pretty much all day just relaxing in the luxury baths and saunas. But of course, the day was missing something, so we decided to go out for a bit shopping to the shopping street. I found some pretty cool necklaces and jackets on sales. The perfect ending of a relaxing day like this was some tapas and wine in my favorite wine bar called 13.5 downstairs from our home.

Now it´s time to go to sleep since we´re going to ski tomorrow very early in the morning.


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