I´ve been a bit busy the last weeks so I haven´t had that much time to write on the blog. We have a lot of work now before the Route66 in July, since we will be on holidays more or less for one month.

Anyway, there hasn´t been that much to write about neither, except the very cozy little town party we were invited to with Jammu last Saturday. Our friend from Andorra invited us to join the town party called Canòlich, and after that to join her family for both breakfast and lunch.

There was pretty much Champagne spilled during the day so I didn´t remember to take much pictures but there was a few that we managed to take (or okay, actually our other friend who was the driver for the day haha).

I just love the Andorran culture everyday more and more, I mean, we were invited to such a nice family lunch and they were all so extremely nice to us, although I didn´t even speak Catalan which most of them did. I kind of understand Catalan language but it´s still a bit like Irish or Scottish for normal English-speaking people like me. At least I have a very hard time understanding Irish or Scottish haha.

Hope you all have a nice Monday evening and week! I´ll continue working for a while still, to try catch up a bit after the Champagne showers last Saturday.


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