Long time no blog! So why not start with a blogpost about a highly recommended trekking tour in Colombia that we did last month?

Basically, whole April I´ve been enjoying Colombia with a bunch of fun people from Andorra, and since I have way too many photos and good memories, I wanted to upload separate posts from each place we visited.

Our initial reason why we travelled to Colombia was that we were invited to a wedding in Cartagena, but since all of us in the group (6 persons in total) like adventures, we decided to make the best of our trip there. So, in the end we spend 1 full month in Colombia.

We kicked off our Colombia adventure with a 4 day trekking tour, up to Ciudad Perdida, or in English: The Lost City. Ciudad Perdida is often compared to be the Machu Picchu of Colombia. I have not been there so I cannot compare it to that, but I really enjoyed this trekking and would definitely recommend it to people enjoying the nature!

You cannot do this trekking on your own, you always need to go through a travel agency. Iif not, you won’t be granted the access to the Lost City when you have arrived at the top. Which would for sure suck after the steep hike up there.

I had read quite a few blogs about the hike before deciding that I wanted to do it, and basically they all more or less tell you this: “The hike is about 42 km of walking in total and requires a good level of fitness. The hike includes a number of river crossings and steep climbs and descents. It is a moderately difficult hike “.

I still did not expect it to be that difficult, but it was, due to many factors, including heat, humidness and height. Maybe also because the day that we arrived at the top, I just randomly started puking and feeling very bad. After this, when walking down I was not neither able to eat properly, since I just felt like puking, so yea, 2 / 4 days I was not feeling very good. But – It was still worth it!

It is not really just the Ciudad Perdida that is worth the hike, I would say it is more about the hike up there. The beautiful nature and culture of the local tribes surrounding you.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Ciudad Perdida, and also some to show what we were eating, and where we spend the nights.

There was many natural springs on the way, so whenever we had the chance, we stopped to take a bath.

Here you can see a family from a local tribe talking with our guide. Many of the tribes do not speak spanish but some of them working with the tourists (bringing bags, food etc) can speak, and here they stopped for a moment to speak with our guide, which as well lives on the way up to Ciudad Perdida, although he is not from a local tribe.

Haha, i just had to add the real faces behind the camera as well, i mean we are smiling so happily on all the pictures, although there was some really hard moments on the way as well.

Look how cute the animals where! I don´t know why, but they all had these HUGE ears, even the pigs and dogs haha.

This photo is from one of the first steps up to Ciudad Perdida, we had to climb up some 1,200 stone steps through dense jungle. This time we were able to leave the backpacks at the shelter where we slept, so it was a bit lighter than the other days. At this point i still fell quite ok, but just few minutes and steps later I started feeling very ill.

This is the entrance of Ciudad Perdida, which is actively patrolled by the Colombian Army. To be able to enter, you have to have a Ciudad Perdida passport, which you can only get if you book the tour through travel agencies.

We made it!

The shelters where we slept looked all basically the same, with plenty of bunk beds next to each other. Also we spend the nights with a lot of insects, so if you are not very into insects, spiders and mosquitos, I would not maybe consider doing this hike.

Last but not least, a picture of a typical plate that we ate during the hike. Usually it was fried chicken or fish, with rice (or coconut rice), salad, fried banana chips and beans. AND most importantly – they even had beers in most of the places!

I’m currently sitting in a train in Finland, since I am picking up our dog Mamba from my moms and dads place where she spend all the month while we were traveling. So, for the next blogpost, which will be about the wedding and the beautiful city: Cartagena, you will have to wait until I´m back from Finland next week! Oh, and btw. It´s my birthday today – So happy birthday to me! hahah




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    Wonderful pictures! Tack, de tar mig tillbaka!

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