My last blogpost was exactly one month ago, so I thought it would be time for a new blogpost.

I love travelling, as you probably have noticed already, but, what I love even more than that, is to plan surprise trips somewhere! Sooooo, when I started to plan our Christmas dinner, which was meant to be exactly: a dinner + party, I kind of got a bit too excited. Which is the reason our company spend the last weekend in north of Italy: Turin.

Me and Jaume were the only ones who knew the destination and plan, our employees did not have a clue where we were going before they saw Turin in the airport gate.

Turin is a very nice city, I do recommend visiting it, but not in winter, at least not if you are always cold like me. At this point usually, people say “But you are from Finland” …. Yup, maybe that’s exactly one of the reasons I don´t live there anymore hahaha.

I have never visited Italy before, so I obviously wanted to enjoy good Italian cuisine (not just pizza + pasta). I found a very nice restaurant called: Restaurante il Circolo dei lettori, that I had reserved for one night, and I highly recommend this restaurant if you visit Turin. You need to make a reservation though, it is an old Palace which is nowadays a public place dedicated to reading, but they also have the restaurant.

In addition to eating a lot of good food, we also had some time to visit the city, although we had to stop every 5 min in a bar to warm up a bit hahah. I think Turin is a very beautiful city especially in the summer, so I might make another weekend escape there in the future.

Christmas is getting closer and we are heading with Jammu to Barcelona already tomorrow. We will spend all the Christmas with my Spanish family, and new year’s we will be driving all the way down to Marbella for an awesome New Year’s Eve party that our friends are organizing.

That´s it for this time – hope you all have a really lovely Christmas, and also, I want to wish you all a very happy new year! May 2019 be the best year ever!


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