Last Saturday we were invited to a very funny party with Jammu. And since the carnival was just one week ago, there was also a theme for the party: Disney! And for me, costume parties are the very best parties, so I really enjoyed myself both at the party, but as well while planning our costumes. In the end I had to buy them both online, since in Andorra there is not much variety. Although I did buy the wig to fulfill my Jasmine costume in Andorra.

I was a bit jealous of Jammus “Genie” -costume, I mean look at him, he was hilarious. Although, my Jasmine costume was nice as well, and I really do think we looked pretty cool together – right?

We were a lot of people, I think around 100 Disney characters drinking, eating and having fun all Saturday. Eating calçots was also one of the “specialties” of this party, the long and slimy onions that you dip in a tasty sauce and eat them with your hands. If you´ve never tried them – I definitely recommend you do so if you have the chance!

So, I had an awesome weekend, I hope you all did as well!



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