I´m currently sitting on my sofa in Andorra, in my winter pyjama and wool socks. Editing all the awesome pictures and memories from the last week. It´s raining in Andorra and it is already turning into autumn. So, I definitely want to look back on the 2 weeks I just spend in Costa Brava, in Sant Pere Pescador to be specific.

The initial idea was to go there to learn kitesurf, we were a bit unlucky with the wind though. But we enjoyed it very much anyways, and I had so much fun during the classes we were able to do. Kitesurf is something that I really want to learn. The plan was actually to go to Tarifa, but we decided to go for a spot that was closer to Andorra.

Since the situation regarding traveling is pretty bad and unstable currently, I prefer to not travel too far. That´s why I decided (again) to rent a house, this time in the western coast of Spain, Costa Brava. The house was nothing special, but we had a pool and a garden, and it was just 2 min. walk from the beach, where we did the kitesurf classes. It was a very chill 2 weeks, working, suntanning, checking out the beautiful towns nearby and of course trying to learn how to kitesurf!

Here are my favourite photos and memories from Costa Brava.

Difficult roads always leads to beautiful destinations…..

The trip did not really start out as planned…. Our car actually broke on the way. Luckily, we had left with two cars and we managed to fit all the luggage in 1 car, so it wasn´t that bad. It was the turbo of our car that broke, and we still haven´t got it back. But that´s something you cannot change or control, shit happens, and as they say difficult roads leads to beautiful destinations….


Sant Pere Pescador

I had never heard about this place before my friend told me that in Costa Brava, this is the place to go for kitesurf. So, this is where we ended up. In a house next to the beach (2 min walking), a very natural and beautiful beach with a small beach bar, and off season they even let dogs, it was perfect.


This was our house, nothing super special or anything, but I mean, next to the beach with a pool, I didn´t need anything more.



This is what we came for: Kitesurf!

This is one of my absolute new addictions, I have really fallen in love with kitesurf – and I don’t even know how to kitesurf properly still haha. Currently I know more or less how it works, but I still need a looooot more of practice.


Visiting cute little towns nearby

We also visited some very cute towns nearby Sant Pere Pescador: Begur, Empuriabrava, L´Escala and Sant Marti d´Empuries.


And since I´m a foodlover, I obviously also have to add some of the epic foodplates we´ve been eating.



Beautiful sunsets

Although we couldn´t see the actual sunsets here, it was very beautiful every night. So many colors and feelings in one place.

That´s all for me this time (just realized I haven´t updated the blog in almost 2 months…. oops.).

Hope you all have a great weekend – I want to say goodbye with this obviously EPIC picture!



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