Mamba wanted to try to imitate me and i would say she was way better posing than me hahha

I´ve been sick all week after we went skiing last Monday and Tuesday so I´m super happy that I finally felt a bit better today. I told Jammu yesterday that I want to start checking some of the Hiking routes they have here in Andorra, since the nature is so beautiful and they have a lot of cool routes. So, this morning we headed to a small route in our town next to: Escaldes, that was around 2 hours in total, one up and one down. It´s very near our home, around 5 minutes with car. The route is called Entremesaigues and rated in difficulty 1/5, which was a good start for us, since for the first, I have been sick all week and second, we don´t have any experience in Hiking.

Very beautiful route and now I feel like starting to Hike around all Andorra! We just need to buy some proper hiking clothes first since with my running shoes I was about to fall every 5 second hahaha.

I´ve also tried to rest all week so I will be okay next week, since tomorrow Mamba is going to the dog school again for two days, and we´re able to go ski with Jammu – surprise, surprise!


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