I´m back in Andorra now, so it’s time to continue explaining about our awesome Colombia trip – starting this time with Cartagena!

The heading of this blogpost fits perfectly, since once you have visited Cartagena, you will for sure fall in love with this lovely city!

As mentioned in the last blogpost, the hike up to the Lost city was very much worth it, but also quite difficult. And we were all very happy that we had decided to do it as the first thing of our 1-month trip.

After managing to hike down from the Lost city, we spend one night in Santa Marta, which is the city next to, where after we woke up early next morning to get ourselves to Cartagena.

Cartagena is actually the whole reason of our holidays in Colombia, since our friend’s wedding was to be hold in this cute city.

Usually before I go on a trip, I always tend to check each place on the internet, how it looks, what places to visit and so on. But for Colombia I basically did not check anything, so each day was basically always like a surprise. Cartagena was one of the places that really surprised me, I mean what an extremely pretty place.

We were staying in a small boutique styled hotel in the center of the historical city, also known as the “Walled city of Cartagena”. After stepping out from the hotel you could find small streets filled with colored walls, flowers, live music and art. A place where it is difficult to not smile while walking on the streets.

Before the wedding, we also booked a one-day trip to an island nearby to just enjoy the sun a bit after the trekking tour we did back in Santa Marta. They have a lot of one day tours to many different islands nearby, so if you just want to chill on a sunbed with a cocktail and eat fresh lobster, this is the perfect option!

And last but certainly not least – the wedding! Wow. I think that will give the best explanation of the wedding of the decade; don’t you think?

I mean, ceremony in the sunset – in the walled city of Cartagena with romantic live music in the background, huuuuuge fireworks, a parade with music through the city (they actually closed even the roads!!!), a 5-star hotel dinner, endless amount of other surprises during the night and an awesome party…… I think it left us all speechless.

BUT, that’s not all actually! Since, they had also organized a “after-wedding party” on a boat two days after.

So, yea, would it have been worth as well to travel to Colombia just for a wedding…. Well maybe not for all weddings, but it would for sure have been worth it for this one!

A long blogpost but it was impossible to make it shorter haha. Here are some of my favorite pictures from Cartagena, the wedding and the boat party. The wedding photos are not mine, they are taken and modified by the wedding photographer (Harvin Lewis), but they were so pretty that I wanted to add them in this blogpost so you can get a bit of an idea how beautiful the wedding was.

The first pictures are from our hotel rooftop, and from the streets nearby…. I mean how can you NOT like Cartagena???


Here is some pictures from the 1-day boattrip we did to one of the islands nearby.



Then, let´s get to the wedding, these pictures are the one i managed to take with my phone.


A wedding with a sunset like this…..

And, here are the pictures that i cannot take credit for although i would like to hehe.

Jaume stealing the show for a second.

And as i mentioned, several surprises during the night…..

And this is us having the best time ever.

Pretty much what a fairytale wedding would look like, right?

To sum up the blogpost, some last images from the after-wedding boatparty!


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