It´s been a while since I updated my blog, but the reason is very simple, I´ve been super busy after all summer travelling so I haven´t had time to write.

September has basically been all about work and catching up with our friends in Andorra that we haven’t seen in all the summer. This week we also had a lovely visit from my boyfriend’s mom and her partner, which of course obligated us to do some sightseeing in Andorra (I don´t mind this at all though heh heh).

The weather has been awesome this week, so we´ve been able to enjoy the beautiful nature and mountains a lot. Together we´ve been eating a lot of good food, walked in the mountains, picked mushrooms (yea there´s actually a lot of them here!), and yesterday we also went to check one of the Padel games since there´s now the World Padel tour ongoing in Andorra.

Now it´s time to get back to work again, since my mom is visiting us next week, so I basically should work all the weekend to be able to take some time off when she comes.

The photos are pretty random, but I figured, better add some than none. They´re all from the last week when my boyfriend’s mom and her partner was here.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



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