Our epic USA road trip is almost over, but we still have couple of days left in the Big Apple: New York.

We arrived to New York around a week ago from Washington, so we’ve already been here for almost a week. I’m super tired from all the travelling and so ready to go home, although it’s been an awesome month and road trip.

We’re staying at our friends apartment that is around 15 minutes with bus (Union City) from Manhattan, it’s easy to travel here so it hasn’t been any problem that we’re a bit outside of the busy center.

To be honest, I expected more from New York. I mean it’s an awesome city with a lot of things to do and see, but it’s extremely dirty, and also it smells quite bad in a lot of places in the center. It’s normal I guess, since all the trash is thrown on the streets for the trucks to pick them up next morning. It’s also super expensive in my opinion, in comparison of what you actually pay for.

Anyways, we’ve had a great time this week (although the streets are a bit dirty hahaha), and basically we’ve been trying to visit and experience as much as possible. Here’s some of the things we’ve visited / done:

  • Managed to drop my camera so many times so that it broke
  • Sweating like pigs while bicycling through all Central Park
  • Tried to move a bit outside of the center to see all the skyscrapers in one line
  • Eating expensive (and IMO, over priced) food, and drinking even more expensive drinks
  • Cheered the baseball team: Mets enough, so that they won the game
  • Walked through basically all Manhattan and different areas
  • Went to a guided tour (NOTE: IN SPANISH, yea I didn’t quite get everything that the Colombian guide explained, but more or less haha), through few cool districts: Bronx, Harlem, Queens and Brooklyn – BTW, highly recommended tour if you ever visit New York, you drive through some pretty controversial streets, especially in Bronx, but it was a very nice experience to see the real “street life” of New York
  • Visited Top of the Rock to see the city from above
  • Spend way too much money in the outlet stores
  • Walked the Brooklyn bridge
  • Drank the most expensive cocktails ever in the Grand Central train station
  • Visited the 9/11 memorial
  • Checked out the world famous Wall Street
  • Tried to enjoy some of the cool rooftops, but with the heat and sun, it was basically impossible to actually be able to enjoy the views

Aaaaand a lot of more things….

Our flight is on Tuesday evening, so couple of more days and we’re back in our own beds, that I in this point already miss a lot.

Tomorrow we’re taking a boat tour to visit the Statue of Liberty. And hopefully, we will have time to visit the areas around where we pick the boat: Chelsea and High Line.

I’m almost falling asleep while writing, so I better go to sleep now so I’ll be able to enjoy the last days fully!


  1. Henkkapetteri says:

    Haha, most expensive drinks in my life in Grand Central terminal in a shadier corner ?

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