YES – Andorra has finally given us some freeedooommmm!

So, what has changed since my last blogpost?

  • Bars & restaurants are now open
  • Shops are open
  • You are allowed to meet with friends / family (max 10 people)
  • You are allowed to go outside, whenever you want and wherever you want
  • The French border will open 15.6 (without any paperwork & quarantine)
  • The Spanish border will open 1.7 (without any paperwork & quarantine)

Basically, all Andorra is now slowly opening, there is still some hotels, restaurants and bars that haven’t yet opened. You are not required to wear mask when going outside, but it is recommended. You have to keep a distance of 1,5 m in the restaurants, bars and shops, but you can meetup with a group of friends in the same table / place (max 10 ppl). When entering bars, restaurants & shops, you have to wear the mask, this is obligatory. I obviously ordered matching accessories for me and Mamba, so at least we look somehow cool together.


First things first – Organizing a Nordic styled lunch party!

The first thing I did, the first day that you were allowed to meet up with your friends, was, OF COURSE, to make an epic lunch party at home! (and yes, we might have passed the limit of 10 people – oops). I ordered some super tasty oysters + shrimps, made some Nordic styled filled eggs as starters, and as a second course a very tasty salmon soup.

Here are some photos from that awesome day.. I will remember it forever, felt so f*king good to be with my friends and just have some FREEDOM. It was a short, normal Andorran styled – 14 hour lunch…


Second most important thing – Go hiking!

Another thing that I´ve been up to, is hiking. Oh, those mountains and hiking routes how I missed them. I´ve been trying to do hiking routes as much as I can since they changed the regulations. Lately we have had very shitty weather though, but anyways I have had some pretty awesome hiking days already (and more coming up!).


I also wanted to mention, that my hometowns newspaper contacted me for an interview. They wanted to write about the situation in Andorra and so on. I thought it would just be an online version – but no, it was actually a full page with my interview in the tabloid. My mom send me a picture from the newspaper in the morning, and I was happily surprised. Look I even made it to my hometown’s newspaper hahaha.



That´s it for this time, not much more to tell. Just that I have been veeeery busy in trying to keep the economy in this country going upwards. The sales here are great and I mean, I really missed all my favourite bars and restaurants haha.

Have a great week ya´ll!





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