I´ve just spend the most awesome 2 weeks with my mom. We´ve had so much fun and it has been so nice to have her here with me.

I don´t miss Finland at all, but whenever I have my friends or family over here for a visit, I feel so sad after they´ve left. Today after leaving my mom at the airport I was crying for a while, and in moments like this, I really wish I would be closer to my family and friends from Finland. So, for anyone from Finland reading this – I miss you guys a lot!!

We spend a bit over one week in Andorra, where after we drove down to Barcelona. We also visited the cozy beach town near Barcelona: Sitges, and the lovely Ecological Winery Can Marles (that have Alpacas).

Since me and my mom have very similar interests, we´ve mostly enjoyed the good weather and each other’s company. In addition to of course, sipping´ good wines and eating endless amount of gourmet food. And I mean, what´s better than that?

The weather has been exceptional all the days, I have even managed to get a bit tanned after these holidays, which is nice, since I haven´t even had time to go to the beach during this summer.

Now when writing about the last 2 weeks, and checking all the pictures, I start feeling really sentimental. So, it´s better that I leave the blogpost a bit short this time, so I will be able to focus on work after all these lovely memories.

Love you mom, and hope to see you soon again!




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