Time to catch up a bit again, haven´t written anything for almost a month….

So, what have I been up to???

Well, we had rented a house for 2 weeks in September, in a town called L´ampolla. Which is a small beach town, about 1,5 hours of driving south from Barcelona. From Andorra it took us around 3 hours to drive down there. The town was very small, but offered everything that was needed, good food, beaches, bars, nice beach walks etc.

And I mean, the house that we had rented was epic. It even had a water slide to the pool. Here is some photos from the house:

I wanted to rent a house to relax a bit. It was 2 weeks mixed with work, relaxing, barbecuing and sports. And also plenty of table games, which I almost won all the time MUOHAHAHHA.

We rented the house with Jammu and our friend & neighbour but we also had plenty of friends visiting over the weekends. Here are some memories from the 2 weeks in the house.

We also had a tennis court…. or well something similar to that at least, next to the house. So we also spend quite a few hours playing padel there. Mamba (our dog) was our “ball girl”.

The beach was literally 5 minutes walking from the house, so we obviously also spend some time enjoying the sea. Here are some photos from the town and beachwalk.

Since L´ampolla is a beach town, there was also plenty of good restaurants that we obviously had to try out during the 2 weeks. I mean just look at all that tasty seafood!!

Now looking at the pictures i feel like buying a house on the beach hahaha.

We came back on monday, and this week I have been extremely busy. I started to studying both Catalan, 4 hours a week, but also the sailboat certificate (or maybe it´s called boat license in English) another 4 hours a week. And not only that, since I am currently, totally, obsessed with Padel tennis, I also take private lessons 2- 3 hours a week. All this in addition to the normal work…. Yesterday when it was friday, i was totally dead after the first week being back in Andorra. But it is actually nice being busy, it´s like you enjoy the weeks way more.

That´s it for me this time – now I´m going to take a nap, and later we are heading to our good friends housewarming party.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!




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