This week have been very busy work wise, but now the weekend has finally arrived!

Yesterday we were invited to a housewarming party here in Andorra. Since we still cannot leave Mamba alone in our apartment (our neighbors have been complaining about the barking), we went all family to the party.

We were in total 11 people, so it was a small but very nice housewarming party. The couple who arranged the housewarming party had made super tasty salmorejo, which is a typical dish from South of Spain where one of our friends is from. It´s a chilled tomato soup with a lot of tasty ingredients like garlic, jamon and egg. It´s also one of my favorite diches of the Spanish cuisine, so I was of course super happy when I realized they had made Salmorejo.

Today a friend couple of us will arrive from Barcelona for a couple of days (Yupp, more friends visiting, haha). And next week my friend from Finland will arrive for 4 days. So, there will for sure be more touristing in Andorra for our part this upcoming week.

BTW, I just have to mention before the blogpost finishes. Me and Jammu where interviewed about our business, so if you want to check out the interview and know more about our business, head here:


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