Heyyy, it´s been some time since I last wrote. I haven´t actually had anything interesting to write about, we´ve been fully up with work ever since my mom left.

Anyways, I felt like I needed to show off about my new hair color, that was originally supposed to just last few days…..But, It´s been a week and many washes already, and yea, my hair still looks pretty much the same.

You know these awesome Facebook advertisements with super pretty girls using all kind of cool products, like makeup, hair colors etc. Well, I´m obviously a victim of this smart advertisement technique. Hope I´m not the only one.

So, I saw this ad about some hair makeup, and it looked pretty fun, so I went downstairs to the hair shop next door and asked if they had something similar. And yes, they had red color, a hair makeup from Redken (Color Rebel). She told me it shouldn´t last that long, I´m not so convinced about that anymore though haha. I mean it´s nice, for some time, but I wouldn´t color my hair like this. Now it´s kind of Pink, I would love to hear what you guys think – does it fit me? Feel free to add some comments here below.

It’s very easy to use these hair makeup products, you just brush some color in your dry hair and that´s it, you can even style the hair like I did with curls, after you´ve added the color. Be aware though, they do for sure last more than 2 -3 washes.

Next week we´re heading to Malta for a conference, I´ll take my camera with me so I can upload some slightly more interesting photos to the blog, than these selfies of me with pink hair hahah.

Hope you have a great week everyone!


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