I could probably blame it on my broken arm that I haven´t done basically anything this week / weekend, but then I would also lie slightly.

My arm is actually way better already, on the nights it hurts a bit, and normal life without the right hand is still a pain in the ass. But I´m getting used to it (kind of), only thing that is by far the most annoying thing that disturbs me, is that I cannot wash my hair.

I decided to go to the hairdresser to wash my hair since I tried to do it and it was a total fail. Neither do I see Jammu washing my hair, since I asked him to make me a ponytail one day and already that was a big FAIL. While I was in the hairdresser I suddenly decided that I want to change my hair color, I want to try to get it as blond / grey as possible. It will take many visits to the hairdresser before it will be even close to the hair color I want, but I need to wash my hair anyways so I thought that why not try. Now it´s just a bit lighter the color than before, but already after next time it should be a bit more noticeable the change.

The images are from yesterday when we took Mamba for an evening walk in the mountains, super beautiful since it had been snowing all day. It was very cold yesterday but today I was already sun tanning on the balcony… You never know about the weather here in Andorra.

Tomorrow our friend (that is also working with us) from Barcelona will come to Andorra and stay here all week. Which ofc. Means some nice business dinners and lunches throughout the week!


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