I have spent the past week recovering from our birthday party, that we organized with Jammu last Saturday – Sunday.

Since we both turned 30 this year, I wanted to celebrate this, so we had rented a party house in the middle of nowhere and yea….it was quite a party.

We had a theme for the party, which was “What you wanted to be when you were a kid”, and it was an awesome idea, it was super fun realizing what our friends wanted to be when they were smaller.

I wanted to be a dolphin trainer, like many of the girls in my age back then, and I actually think I succeeded with my outlook quite good – right?

Jammu wanted to be a balloon seller haha, which was not so difficult to dress up to.

We also had astronauts, dancers, painters, chefs, polices, hippies, librarians, magicians, rappers, skaters, farmers, spice girls, Indiana jones, doctors, James Bond, Mexicans and probably some more that I don’t remember right now.

It was a super fun party that I won’t ever forget, and it was for sure the best way to leave our 20s behind. I am not going into details about the party, but lets just say there was some unexpected firecrackers, way too many champagne bottles, basically everybody thrown to the pool, face paintings, and a “Dog guy”. I´ll leave the blogbost to those last words.


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