So, yesterday we finally arrived to Los Angeles, and we could begin our road trip (Route 66 + New York & Las Vegas)  in USA. We arrived (me, Jammu and 2 of our very good friends), very late at night, around 10 in the evening. We were slightly jet lagged so we woke up at 5 next morning and started our sightseeing.

I was actually already very surprised of the city setup in LA, even before we picked our rental car, it reminded me very much of Cyprus, where i was living earlier. A lot of cars, lanes, lights and crossings next to very controversial areas and people. It felt a bit like a chaos for me. I guess I´ve been travelling way too much in Europe lately.

To be honest, Los Angeles didn´t really impress me that much that I expected. I mean, we had a very nice time and of course we enjoyed our holidays here. But for example, Hollywood and Hollywood hall of fame wasn´t at all what I expected. It´s different when you see all the beautiful and impressive pictures from Hollywood, than when you´re actually there. It was very dirty, and the hall of fame road was way smaller than we thought.

We also visited the Santa Monica and Venice beach, which was pretty cool areas. Way too much people and tourists though for my taste. Also, I have to mention, the prices are very expensive to me after living in Andorra for one year. Over 20€ for a cocktail in a normal bar, really? Or over 100€ for 4 people, for some fast food….

A quick visit to the Universal Studios in Hollywood and Beverly Hills was also included in the day.

Tomorrow we´re heading to Las Vegas, where we´re going to stay in the well known hotel: Bellagio for a couple of days. Let´s see how we´re liking it!

Keep up to date about our road trip on my instagram feed: nina.sparv

Have a great week everyone!


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