It´s nice to live in Andorra since a lot of your friends come to visit you all the time. I mean, we have almost every week someone visiting us, at least now during the ski season, let´s see how alone we will be after the ski season has finished haha.

One of Jammus very close friends, from when he was living in Malta, visited us for two days this week. We didn´t have much time to show him around in Andorra, but we did take him to my favorite hiking / walking path where I go everyday with Mamba to run. It´s just 10 min walking from our home up hills, a very beautiful path in the middle of the nature with awesome views of whole Andorra La Vella. It´s about 5km one way and both ways 10km.

We also, of course, enjoyed a lot of good food since there´s a lot, I mean a loooot, of delicious restaurants here. These images are from a restaurant next to us (Restaurant l’ Arrosseria) that have awesome paellas and seafood.

And these photos are from a so called “Borda” restaurant (Restaurant Borda del Tremat) in a nearby town called Encamp that we went to yesterday night. Bordas (or also known as Masias) are old farmhouses that have been turned into very cozy restaurants. There´s a lot of them in here, and they always serve local dishes depending on where they are located. In Andorra they usually serve grilled meat made in open fire, and as a starter, snails are very popular (and super tasty!).  The photo of the restaurant outside is borrowed from Tripadvisor since it was so dark in the night and I couldn´t get a proper photo.

This weekend we also have 2 of our good friends visiting, actually the couple that we´re heading to route66 with, in the summer. We obviously have to make some planning for the trip in the afterski on saturday….


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