It’s summer, meaning wedding season as well!  And this year we have been privileged to be invited to not only 1 wedding – but two!!

Last weekend we were invited to a beautiful mountain wedding here in Andorra. It started off already on Friday with a pre-wedding barbecue in the middle of the mountains. The big day, meaning the wedding day was last Saturday.

I love weddings with dress codes, and in this wedding the women had to dress up like in the royal weddings, with a hat or headdress. This was obviously something that I really loved – since I always wear hats or whatever you can possibly put in your hair or head.

The wedding day was perfect, with wonderful views, amazing food and happy people – I guess you can tell it already from the photos! Hope you enjoy them! And thank you one more time to Silvia & Pepo for a fantastic wedding!

My mom is here visiting now so the blogpost was a quick one this time, since I want to spend as much time as I can with my mom. I will upload pictures from our time together when she has travelled back to Finland.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


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