dog Mamba


Dog mamba

She´s finally here! Our lovely 2 months old baby dog, named Mamba. A mixed dog with Chihuahua and Mini Pincher family roots. She has way too much energy and doesn´t like to sleep during the night. Since she´s so small she also likes to pee and poo all around the apartment, but you know what. I still love her with all my heart! She´s easily one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

It´s awesome to work on the computer while having her next to me. It´s like she gives me more energy and imagination for the work that needs to be done during the day.

Mamba is still too small to be taken outdoors for a walk. She doesn´t neither have all the necessary vaccines yet. It will still take 1-2 months for her to get ready for the big world that is out there.

Anyway, don´t worry, this blog won´t be blog about Mamba and her everyday life, I just wanted to introduce our new family member. She might pop up in some photos every now and then, since she will be a part of my life from now onwards.

I always wanted a dog, or a cat. Since i was the only child in the family, i felt a bit lonely sometimes. My wish never came through though, since my dad always told me that he was allergic so we could never get any animals. This is something that I don’t 100% believe in. I think he just told it to me and my mom so that we wouldn´t surprise him with a puppy one day. I´m sure my dad will love Mamba when he meets her, maybe his “allergy” is suddenly gone then.

Enjoy the photos, she´s as cute in the photos as she is in the reality!

Btw, it finally started snowing in Andorra. My friends in Finland might probably think why the hell I´m happy that it has started snowing. It´s because the slopes have been a bit shitty the last days we´ve been skiing so a bit of snow won´t hurt.


  1. emmahq says:

    Oh my – how cute! Nic just showed me the Pictures <3

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