Sometimes it feels like the days, weeks and even years pass by super-fast. For me it feels like they all pass by fast, all the time. Maybe it´s because I´m getting older…

Anyway, yesterday our friend from Barcelona came to Andorra to stay with us for a week. I of course prefer to eat out, especially when we have friends visiting.

Yesterday we decided to try a restaurant that we´ve never went to before, although it´s very famous in Andorra. It’s a restaurant, lounge bar and in the weekends even a discotheque. We went there for lunch, and it was a very positive surprise.

The place is called Buda, and during the weekdays they also offer so called menus, with starter, main course and dessert included. I had as starter mussels, main course lamb chops and dessert a mango cheesecake. Indeed, all very tasty for the price of 15€ in total. In addition to tasty food, the interior was also very beautiful and cozy. It was very shit weather yesterday so the picture outside doesn´t show how nice it´s decorated everything.

In the evening, we headed to one of my favorite restaurants in Andorra, Adelita, which is a Mexican restaurant. I love spicy food and in this restaurant, they have some really nice spicy sauces if you ask for them.


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