I’ve been annoyed all day since I’m a bit sick, I don’t have fever or anything, but after having the air condition on max in the car for a couple of days, my throat is a bit sore. It’s very hot outside and the restaurants in all the places are also very cold, so I guess it’s the change of temperature that have caused my flu.

Today we didn’t actually visit anything special, but we passed through 3 states: Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

We started the day a bit late, around 10 we left the motel to check out Oklahoma City, which wasn’t that much tbh. We went to an area where there was few bars with canals next to, and had a drink. But that was about it, then we headed to Catoosa, which is a small place next to Oklahoma City, just to check out a blue whale that is famous for being on the Route 66. I’ll leave the comments to that, cause there’s basically nothing more to say about this world famous blue whale.

After this awesome blue whale, our friends wanted to visit Galena, which is equipped with some of the characters and cars from the Pixar movie: Cars. I haven’t personally watched the movie, so it wasn’t that exciting for me, but I was happy for our friends that were super excited to see the cars. After the funny cars in Galena, we drove to the destination for the day: Springfield, the first Springfield town on the route, tomorrow we’re heading to another bigger town with the same name.

We decided to take a bit better hotel this night, so we booked a big room in Marriott hotel in Springfield. Big room, swimming pool, breakfast and kind of okay internet, so we’re happy.

Tomorrow we’re heading to do some shopping in an outlet on the way to St. Louis. I need to get to sleep early to get some energy, and to be able to kick my flu out!




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