Andorra slopes

Andorra is for me at least, one of the best places/countries that you can imagine to live in. With a crime rate of more or less 0%, beautiful nature and awesome food, what more can you really ask for?

Yesterday we went skiing and the weather was, as you can see on the picture, perfect. This year it hasn´t been snowing that much though, so not all of the slopes in Andorra is still open but there´s still so many slopes open that you can easily get lost (trust me, been there, done that).

The slopes are around 1 hour from our home, driving 15 minutes and then 30 minutes more or less with the Funicamp / Cable car to the top of one of the main slopes. Since I work online, I can pretty much decide myself when I´m working, so we can easily go to ski in the morning and head home to work in the evening. I love skiing, which is probably one of the main reasons why i also like Andorra very much, and on top of it all, it´s fairly cheap to buy a season ticket if you´re living in Andorra. It costed only 280€ for the whole season, and we can access the slopes with this pass all the days during the season. Being from Finland, this price sounded very reasonable for me.

We actually planned to go skiing today also, but for some reason, after “few” wine glasses yesterday i felt like sleeping a bit longer.


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