Puppy Shower

Most of our business colleagues and friends are over in London now for a conference, and unfortunately, we couldn´t go this year, since we´re enjoying the ski season with our friend here in Andorra.  What a pity, right?

Our good friend / working colleague from Cyprus is in Andorra to visit us now, so obviously, all the must do- tourist things has to be done. Yesterday we spend a full day in the slopes just enjoying the great weather and the snow. Jaume couldn´t go with us, which was a shame, but the reason why, it’s pretty hilarious, since it always happens something like this to him. All the people that knows him, knows what I´m talking about.

The reason why he couldn´t join us, can be seen on the image.

It´s of course not hilarious that he has hurt his eye, it´s just funny how he always successes on doing this when we´re throwing a party.

Last Saturday I decided to make a Baby Shower for Mamba, or, as we called it: “Puppy Shower”. I thought that we must welcome our new family member to the family with a nice party, which probably the mommy (me) enjoyed more than Mamba herself. Anyway, Jaume had his eye hurt exactly before our friends / guests arrived. It´s nothing serious (luckily), he just had a small cut in the eye because of trying to save Mamba from eating a plastic bag or something like that. So, he basically missed all the party, but I´m sure he enjoyed himself in the emergency.

This is not the first time he has decided to “skip” our party. In Cyprus, when we arranged a housewarming party, he locked himself in the bathroom for 2-3 hours. He couldn´t get out, and when he finally got, all the guests were waiting for him to come out in his underwear’s. I think there is some photo proofs of this as well. The parties were a success anyway, both times.

Our friend is leaving tomorrow, which is always a bit sad, but we have had a lot of fun, good food and shisha (he´s a huge lover of shisha) the last week. We still have one full day to enjoy today so I don´t want to spend too much time on the computer. So, until next time!


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