2 months. 2 very long months in quarantine lockdown.

My birthday was last week, so I decided to order oysters, caviar, shrimps and champagne. I mean it’s not every day you get to celebrate your birthday while being in quarantine. What a times we live in….



I got so many lovely birthday wishes and presents… I mean my friends even send me presents with home delivery services. I also woke up to this beautiful birthday message / image, that my friends in India made me:



And I got completely spoiled as well with these presents.



So this was my face, not only on my birthday, but basically all last week (and still smiling).



Covid-19 antibody tests

And not only that, I also went to do the covid-19 tests that they are doing in Andorra to the whole population. And I tested negative, which of course is a good thing. But I felt like I was in another reality, like in a horror movie or something when doing the test. I mean, the setup was very professional and good made. But the atmosphere and the ambience there was just so weird…. You had to go with the car and drive down in a parking garage do a quick blood test. And that was it, 2 minutes and you´re out. The results were sent by text message within only few hours. So this is basically a phase 1 test, after 2 weeks I will do another one, so that they can check the evolution of the contagion. Now in Andorra 56,635 tests are already done, and since the population is around 70 000, it should be done for all during this week (it is not obligatory though, but recommended).

Here are some pictures that I took from the testlabs – looks pretty unreal right??? (I asked for permission for the photos).



Current covid-19 situation in Andorra

Currently the covid-19 situation in Andorra is the following (11.5.2020):

  • 756 total cases (557 cured, 48 deceased)
  • 151 active cases (31 health professionals)
  • 10 hospitalized (3 in ICU, 2 with mechanical ventilation)

And from tomorrow and onwards we are finally allowed to go hiking! Only 1 hour / day, or 2 hours every 2 days though…. But anyways sooo happy! They are also opening up the hairdressers, beauty salons and some other services. Still waiting for the bars and restaurants to open though hahahah. The facemask is still obligatory when leaving your home, and I guess it will stay like that for quite a long time.



When you miss hiking and sleeping in a tent

So, just so you can see HOW MUCH I miss hiking in the mountains and sleeping in a tent.

I setup our tent on the balcony and slept in there for one night… It was so nice, almost felt like being in the nature….




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