So, we attended a very nicely organized conference in Bucharest last week, and since we had the opportunity, we added a bit of sightseeing also to the trip since the flights were already booked.

The conference was held in a big 5* Marriot hotel, where they invited a lot of affiliates to stay during the 2 – day conference (including me & Jaume).  Now I feel a bit stupid since I didn´t take any pictures of the hotel, neither of the conference. Anyway, it was a good conference, it was very nice meeting up & discuss business with both old and new friends.

After the conference, we took one extra day to stay in Bucharest, and 3 extra days to stay in Brasov. We didn´t have too much time to discover Bucharest, but we chose the old town to spend the extra day. I obviously forgot my camera this day, so there´s unfortunately neither no pictures from Bucharest old town. Actually…. all the pictures are from Brasov and the surroundings. The old town in Bucharest was very nice, but so was Brasov.

We rented a car when we went to Brasov, since it´s 2 hours away from Bucharest, and we also wanted to visit some cool castles on the way.

We had a super nice, I mean super nice, apartment styled hotel in Brasov with own garden and hot tub. It´s called Chambers’n Charm, it´s around 5 min drive from the old town in Brasov. We spend our days basically enjoying super tasty food, visiting beautiful castles (including Dracula castle), walking around in Brasov old town and of course, making sure that the hot tub & the room service was spot on.

Romania really surprised me positively, you can see that it´s a very poor country, but it´s very beautiful. It is definitely a country that I recommend if you enjoy good food, good wine, beautiful small towns and cheap prices! I was chocked how cheap it was, we didn´t pay over 30€ for a dinner (2 persons) never, and I mean, I love wine so there were always some bottles involved in the order. Still, never over 30€. After our USA & Iceland road trips that felt so weird.

Now we´re already back in Andorra, and there´s a lot of accumulated work to deal with now. I enjoy working so it´s nice being back in business 100% for a while at least. Next up is a short trip for a conference in Malta, but that´s still 2 months ahead.

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Emilie Knutsson says:

    Brasov ser ju jättemysigt ut! Tack för det tipset, noterar det till framtida resa. 🙂

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