Snowing Andorra


Today we woke up to see our beautiful surrounding mountains filled with snow, since it had been snowing all night apparently. Andorra is super beautiful these days when just half of the mountains are covered in snow, I took the pictures in the morning from the balcony, and the other picture is from our office.

After my friend left I´ve just basically been working, which I also enjoy a lot, especially on days with such a nice view. We´re also in a bit of “saving mode” regarding going out eating and drinking since we have two “big” trips (Route66 & Iceland) coming up within 6 months. So, it´s good that we have a lot of work now, it keeps you busy so you don´t even feel like doing anything else.

We also got some nice surprises regarding personal expenses like the lovely gift from the Finnish government, reminding me that I still owe them 2000€ in taxes from a house that I sold in 2013…. Really, it takes them 4 years to figure out that? Apparently…

I also must point out here the excellent customer service you get when you call the tax office in Finland… NOT. It felt like I was trying to communicate with a sloth, you know these animals that moves super, super slow? Yea, try yourself to ask about your tax bills from someone like that.

Also, our lovely car broke so we had to fix that as well, which was another lovely 1000€. Anyways, nice expenses that needs to be paid, instead of me using them for shopping during the Route66 in July. Too bad.

It doesn´t help to complain though, so now I got to get back to work, have a great weekend everyone!



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