I don’t even know where to start to be honest, I have done so many things since my last blogpost.

Let’s start by a bit of a late update from when our friend & CTO from our company was visiting us in December.

Mithu wanted to come and celebrate Christmas with us. We decided to fulfill his dream about Christmas in Europe, so we brought him here for 2 weeks. We had so much fun during these 2 weeks, and we did so much activities. It was also a very efficient and productive visit; we were literally almost 24/7 discussing new ideas and projects.

Here is a short re-cap of what we did in Andorra & Barcelona:

  • Virtual reality (so much fun!)
  • Bowling (Mithu was actually way better than our friends although he had never even tried bowling)
  • Snowmobiling on the top of the mountains in Andorra
  • Indoor Karting (with all the company in Barcelona)
  • Laser Tag
  • Played endless amount of table games (I love table games, but I might be slightly annoying since I cannot stop until I win haha.)
  • Decorated our home and Christmas tree
  • Went shopping and checking out the Christmas decorations in Andorra

Here are some pictures and memories from our 2 weeks together. Next time we will meet in India, since we are bringing almost the whole company for a 2-week trip to India in the beginning of February. Super excited about that trip!

These pictures are from the capital where we live:Andorra La Vella, i love the christmas decorations that they do, the whole city feels so cozy!

The picture where Mithu is standing in the middle is actually a bus stop! During christmas they transform som of the bus stops to these kind of cute christmas houses.

During the last days we also organized a company activity day in Barcelona. The original plan was to go for paintball, but it was raining, so we ended up doing indoor Karting & Laser tag. In the night we had a dinner and of course headed for some partying afterwards.

Hope you all had an awesome christmas and new year! Here is one last christmas selfie from us!


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