I was really hoping that the Saturday dinner would have just been a calm dinner with a bit of wine… Well, we had a lot of things to talk about apparently so the “calm dinner” ended up at around 5 in the morning with Gin Tonics at our apartment. We both felt so dead on Sunday with Jammu, but we still decided to drive up to the mountains to get a bit of fresh air to cure the headache (at least we were hoping that it would hahha).

We went to a lake very close to home, about 10 minutes driving, that is called Engolasters. Very beautiful, both on summer and winter. So, if you ever visit Andorra, I recommend you to take half a day off to hike in the area of Engolasters. There´s also very nice restaurants in the same area, were also we decided to have our hangover lunch, which actually was a very positive surprise, food-wise.

Hope you all have a great start on the week!



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