Since both me and Jaume turned 30 this year, and actually, it is also our 4th anniversary together, I wanted to make a small surprise trip somewhere in Europe.

I ended up choosing Prague as our destination, since it is a place I always wanted to visit. And i have to say it myself even – good choice Nina!

It was an awesome trip, and it was even funnier for Jaume, since he did not know the destination before seeing it on the boarding screens in the airport, neither did he know about the 2 surprises that i had reserved for two of the nights.

Prague is very beautiful, and I really recommend everyone to visit it at least once. There is a lot, I mean a looooooooot of tourists though, so be prepared to use your elbow if you want a picture without anyone in it hahaha.

We spend 5 days and 3 nights in the city, and I would say it was a perfect, since we even had time to visit the vulgar skeleton / bone church that is in a small town outside of the city. You can read more about this spooky place if you scroll down.

I took plenty of photos, as usually, so I will go through some of my main recommendations, and what we did during these 5 sunny days in Prague – hope you like it!

Relaxing in a Beer spa

This was one of the two surprises that i had reserved. If you want to do something original and relaxing in Prague, I can highly recommend you go to the ORIGINAL BEER SPA – Spa Beerland, it was so nice experience. 2 hours, unlimited amount of beer, beer bread, sauna, bed, beer hot tubs…. I mean what more can you ask for? Although I am not a beer fan – I really enjoyed chilling here for 2 hours (if you go, reserve it for 2 hours, in 1 hour you barely have time to relax).

Enjoying a 3-course dinner cruise

There is plenty of different boat cruises in Prague, if you go there you should definitely try at least one of them. I like the evening cruises more, and even better if there is live music, good food, and ofc. wine. So, I also ended up buying a 3-hour evening cruise for Jaume as a surprise, unfortunately we did not take many pictures since it was very dark. I bought the cruise from one of the biggest cruise companies: Prague Boats, and I would say that it was worth every euro that I paid for it!

Visiting the Sedlec Ossuary (bone church) & Kutná Hora

Since we had so many days to explore Prague, we decided to take a 1-hour train trip to a small town called Kutná Hora, where the famous “bone church” is based. This is probably one of the weirdest and most vulgar experiences that you can do while you are in Prague. It is literally, a chapel full of skeletons and bones from between 40,000 and 70,000 people….. and that´s not all, they have also decided to artistically arrange them to form decorations and furnishings for the chapel. If you want to know the history about it you can read more about Sedlec Ossuary here: It is something very extreme to see, so, if you have some extra days in Prague, you will for sure not forget this daytrip if you decide to do it. The town itself is also very cute, so make sure you take a walk through the center as well if you travel here.

Seeing Prague from above

It is worth checking one of the rooftops to get a better look of the city from above. From there you can as well see how extremely packed the streets are with tourists hahah.

Tasting some local food

I love to try food from other countries, and the local plates + restaurants in Prague was surprisingly good, although most of them are made for tourists. We also tried these huuuuge icecream deserts that they sell on the streets, I mean if you check the picture, it is almost as big as my head hahaha.

Enjoying the beautiful city

Most of our days we spend just scrolling around in this city, having some beers and eating good food. That´s whats Prague is all about – right? So, here is some more pictures from beautiful Prague.


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