My friend Joni from Finland arrived on Sunday night right after our other friends from Barcelona left. He´s just going to stay in Andorra & Barcelona in total 3 full days so we have 3 busy days ahead!

Yesterday we went to Naturlandia, which is an adventure park high up in the mountains of Andorra. The altitude is as high as 2000m in the upper part of the park. It has a lot of cool things to offer, more in the summer though, but unfortunately I couldn´t participate in any because of my broken arm. But anyway, we had a nice day in the sun and nature with Mamba.

One of the most authentic things you can find in Naturlandia is the so called Tobotronc, which is the longest nature slide (kind of a rollercoaster) in the world! Imagine, in Andorra! Hahaha

You´re not allowed to take any pictures in the Tobotronc since it goes fairly fast, but you can see some images on their website to get an idea of how cool it is:

Another activity that was open also in the winter season was the Tubby slide, where you sit in a tubby and slide down on the snow in it. Unfortunately, there wasn´t that much snow so Jammu and Joni slide down the fake grass, looked like they enjoyed it anyways.

Afterwards we ate lunch in one of my favorite spots, the Mexican restaurant: Adelita. And once again, because of my broken arm, I couldn´t join the guys to the spa: Caldea, where they headed in the night. Same story continues today since they went skiing, and I´m alone working in the office… How fair is that?

Tomorrow we´re heading to Barcelona for the last day of Jonis holidays, and I will make sure that I can enjoy all the things planned this time!


  1. Your friends from Barcelona had lots of fun. Enjoy with Joni!

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