Some months ago, our friends got secretly married in Seychelles… without inviting anyone…

So, they had decided to make it up by inviting us to a truly funny weekend in the middle of the mountains. And not just that – in a Monastery, just for ourselves! (we were a big group of friends though). It was about 2,5 hours driving from Andorra. But the place was just incredible, with a lot of beautifully decorated rooms, a big garden with mountain views and even a swimming pool! So, we will probably rent it ourselves as well in the future.

Here are some memories from last weekend in the middle of the mountains – in a Monastery. I mean just look at how huge it was!


The owners of the Monastery even came to make us this tasty hangover breakfast!

Mamba also had a blast since the garden was very big, and there was 3 other furry friends to play with her.

There was also a “non official” wedding organized one night.

This was last weekend but haven´t had time to upload anything before, since our beloved friend and IT of the company – Mithu (from India) is visiting us right now in Andorra. And we are having a blast doing all kinds of exciting adventures & experiences together – I will upload a blogpost about that later this month!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday evening!


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