I spent last weekend with my better half’s hilarious family, in a big country house near Tarragona (Spain).

After these two last house- renting experiences, I really feel like buying a house, somewhere in the coast of Spain. And it might actually become reality… I am looking into it and let´s see how it goes, hopefully, next summer, we have our own house near the coast that we can enjoy in the summer.

The house we rented for the weekend, was as well enormous, different though than the one we rented in France. The garden here was nicer, and also the pool was way bigger, but as well hotter, so we could enjoy it more. We also realized in the night that there was a very big waterfall setup in a corner of the garden, it was a bit hidden, so no idea to be honest why it was there.

We had a very nice time, appreciating the good weather, cooking some typical Spanish food, and of course, enjoying the good company.

Here are some photos and memories from this weekend.


We also ordered Peruvian food one night, before the family arrived, and it was sooooo good. I am a BIG fan of ceviches.



And although there is an endlessly big garden, this is were Mamba wants to be 99% of the time.


Tomorrow we will be driving all the way from Andorra, to south of Spain, to Cádiz. It is about 12 hours of driving, but I am sure it will be worth it! We´re going to spend 2 awesome weeks in the south of Spain with friends, learning how to kitesurf, eating endless amount of good food and of course cheering to that the quarantine has ended!

Hope you all have a great week,



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