As you can see on the images, we´ve had a very lovely and funny weekend with two of our friends from Barcelona.

Jammu had his eye very bad so he couldn´t join us for skiing, but he took care of Mamba while we were enjoying the slopes, hahaha.

It was super-hot on Saturday, I was just wearing a top when we went to the after ski. Not a very good idea though since now I´m all burned, both in the face and the upper part of the body. I also look like I have botox in my lips, since obviously, they burned also. On Saturday night we went to our favorite wine bar (Winebar 13.5) and another borda (Borda Estevet) for dinner. Since the spring is getting closer there´s a lot of pink trees as you can see on the pictures (no idea what they are, since they´re not cherry trees) in Andorra La Vella. They´re very beautiful and i will try to go one day to take some more pictures when there´s more light and more time.

Today we have been planning for the Route66, and I´m so excited for the trip, I want to go already!!! We are leaving on 3 July and coming back on 25 July so we will have more or less 21 full days to spend all around in US.

Tomorrow and on Tuesday we will have some time alone with Jammu, since Mamba is going to go for a 2-day stay to a dog school. We wanted to take her for a bit of training since we don´t have that much experience (not for saying, none) with dogs and since we´re at home with her all days it´s good for her to get used to other people and dogs.

You can probably guess what we´re going to do these two days… SKIING! I mean the season ends soon so we should enjoy while we can.


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