It’s been very busy two weeks, but I cannot complain at all, since it has been so much fun, but also very good business wise. Our developer from India (Mithu) arrived to Barcelona 2 weeks ago, and we have since then been on full speed all the days. A bit of working, but I have to admit, mostly having fun.

He has been working with us for some time already, and we were really looking forward to meeting him in person. In the end, he is actually the person we / I talk with the most, meaning, almost every day. I was a bit nervous to meet him, he comes from a very different country and especially culture, but the funny thing is, he is just like me and Jammu.

We have spent the last 2 weeks both in Andorra and Barcelona, currently we are in Barcelona and there is still 1 week left, before he travels back to India. I will share some of the best moments from the last 2 weeks in this blogpost, hope you guys like the photos!

Welcome Mithu!

After a long wait at the airport (since there was apparently very long queues in the immigration and a lot of questioning), he finally arrived! So, we were of course waiting for him with our team Epicorns (our company) at the airport, were after we took him for a nice lunch next to the beach.

Sightseeing in Andorra

In Andorra we of course visited the most touristic attractions, but we also invited Mithu for a day in the slopes, and another day in the spa (Caldea). The ski experience was for sure something to remember, I mean, Mithu has never even seen snow, and Jammu took him to the slopes after being in Andorra for only 2 days hahaha.

He has experienced quiet a lot of different things these last 2 weeks, also regarding food. He of course had to try the famous Catalan dish “Calçots”, which is onions that you make in the fire, and later dip in a super tasty sauce including almonds, tomato, olive oil, bread, and garlic. They are delicious, although it might not look like that hahaha.

On the way to Barcelona – Monserrat

Around 60km from Barcelona, there is a very unique monastery: Monserrat, that I highly recommend if you have never been there before. The mountains have incredible forms that you can’t see anywhere else in the world.


In Barcelona we have managed to visit a lot of things already (in addition to working most of the days), although we only arrived last Friday. There is still though a lot more fun waiting for us these last days, since we are (among other things ofc.) heading to one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe: PortAventura!


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